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At AIS CUBE, our strength is in embedded systems integration.

From the embedded software level, to the electronics and hardware involved, and finally to a software interface on the PC, we have been providing solutions on all levels to the education and industry sectors since 2002.


In between providing solutions, training and mentorship in schools, we've been fine-tuning and honing our core passion, creating development tools that are easy enough to welcome new hands to the world of electronics and programming, yet competent enough for the well-versed to develop rapid prototypes for system and product concepts very, very quickly.


We present to you our development tools that have been tried and tested over the years, with many of them being part of school curriculums, in the hands of hobbyists, as educational tools used by lecturers, and as a rapid prototyping platform used by engineers in private sectors.



Introducing the BCore OLED Platform

BCore OLED Touchscreen Platform


BCore OLED TouchScreen Vision Platform


BCore OLED Touchscreen Platform with Accelerometer 

Native C3038 OV6630 Library Support for
Camera and Vision Applications

2.8 inch OLED Touchscreen Display for
Graphical User Interface



BCore OLED Touchscreen Dual Channel Audio Wave Player





 BlazingCore100 Microcontroller Board


Dual Channel Audio Wave Player for
Music, Sound and Speech Applications

Extensive and Superior I/O
and Interface Bus Support for
Easy Peripheral Control


 BCore OLED Touchscreen Kit sets in store

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Here's what some of our clients are saying about the BlazingCore;

"The bot control using the BCore is very interactive and is a privilege not easily found elsewhere."

- Johannes Brian Sunarko, NUS High School, Student, Singapore


"Simple to use"

- Mr Stephen Chan, ITE, SLT-MT, Singapore




Sonata IDE Integrated Software



Sonata IDE Basic Compiler PIC32 BlazingCore OS


Powerful and Intuitive

...And did we mention it's FREE for download?



BlazingCore Embedded OS


BlazingCore Embedded OS

 Feature packed native libraries supported in the BlazingCore OS



 Reasons You'll Love the BlazingCore


Get Started Immediately

Get Started BASIC PIC32

No need to read up on lengthy documentation before you can start doing anything.


Check out our visual guides on getting started here >>> and then have fun trying out the rest.

Start Programming in the Language You Already Know

Sonata uses Visual Basic, an easy to read, understand and code syntax language that is just like English.

Visual Basic Syntax PIC32

Automated Pin Configurations

Digital and Analog Pins, along with Interface Bus lines like SPI, I2C, UART are automatically configured by the BlazingCore OS. 


No need for registry/ bit settings, port/ pin configurations or special setups for shared pins.


Start using them and the BlazingCore will do the rest. 

Value for Money

We understand that sometimes, you just don't have the time to muck around with the nitty gritty details of protocols for each and every peripheral and module.


The BlazingCore OS and hardware packs as much as possible in one sleek platform and more, at a great price. 

Optimized Code

The BlazingCore OS and libraries are optimized down to cycle counting, delivering performance and speed for high-level programming. 

No bloated and slow software engineering here.


Gentle Learning Curve

  Get up to speed quickly.

Gentle Learning Curve


Easily perform simple image processing and recognition with our CAM library. 

Detect colours, binarize images, recognize characters from trained data that can be stored in the external Data Flash chip, and more.


Easily add an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) with the OLED library that allows you to draw, or load bitmap images from the external Data Flash chip or microSD card on to the 2.8 inch OLED Touchscreen Display.


Play mp3 files with the VS1053B Audio Library, or use the dual channel wave player that comes with the 2.8 inch OLED Touchscreen board, to play multiple sound files at the same time.

We're Right With You

Have questions?

Get in touch with us and the community through the forum, or email us at techsupport.




We've Got You Covered

Every major category of peripheral that you can think of.


Plenty of Libraries and Resources 


Advanced settings and full details in our documentation here>>>



Free Compiler IDE

No expensive tool-chain or debugger to worry about. 


Our Standard Edition of Sonata IDE is FREE! for use with our hardware. 

Download it here>>>

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